Research Activity

The Acosutics Research Group is active in several fields of acoustics: building and evironmental acoustics, room acoustics, noise and vibration control.


  • Environmental acoustics: experimental monitoring and numerical modelling of sound propagation in outdoor environment.
  • Building acoustics: design and optimisation analysis for sound insulation and noise and vibration control in  buildings: sound insulation of facades and inner partitions, sound insulation of impact noise, reduction of noise and vibration generated by service equipment.
  • Room acoustics: analysis, design and acoustic qualification of indoor spaces for music and speech listening (theatres, auditoria, concert halls, conference rooms, classrooms… ). 3D acoustic rendiring of virtual environments for application in building and room acoustics.
  • Analysis of speech intelligibility and listening effort: investigation of the effects of the acoustic environment on the listerners performing verbal (eg. speech perception, verbal comprehension) and non-verbal tasks (eg. mathematical exercises).
  • Noise control of machines: experimental characterisation and numerical modelling to design sound insulation and noise control systems for automobiles, tractors, industrial machines, domestic appliances, etc...; prototyping of active noise control systems for indstrial application (eg. cabin, pipes, etc... ).
  • Investigation of the acoustic behaviour of elastic poroelastic materials  and metamaterials: experimental characterisation and acoustic numerical modelling of fibrous and porous, elastic and viscoelastic material for sound insulation and sound absorption applications; modelling and rapid prototyping of acoustic metamaterials. Experimental analysis of the dynamic characteristics of elasticity, stiffness and damping of materials and composite systems, required as input data for vibro-acoustic simulations.


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