Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics

Research group:

  • Alessandro Valiani, Eng. Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Valerio Caleffi, Eng. Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Leonardo Schippa, Eng. Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Main research activities:

  • numerical modeling of the 1D and 2D Shallow Water Equations, with fixed and mobile bed, to be applied to engineering problems (e.g. two phase - solid and liquid - free surface flows with intense or moderate sediment transport; free-surface subcritical and supercritical flows in channel bends; Dam break modeling);
  • high-order numerical schemes (e.g. WENO and Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin schemes);
  • numerical simulation of the contaminant transport in rivers;
  • classical problems in Hydraulics (e.g. theoretical investigation on hydraulic jump: mass, linear momentum and angular momentum conservation laws);
  • computational Hemodynamics;
  • rheological behaviour of granular-fluid materials (debris and mud flow, iperconcentrated flow and trasport phenomena);
  • numerical modelling of alluvium river for long-term effects associated with climate change and human activities.