Laboratory of Applied Geomatics

The research of the Geomatics Group, active at the Engineering Department (ENDIF) in the University of Ferrara, is developed both in international and in national projects and is mainly focused on the following topics:

• geodesy and geodynamics: design, survey and calculation of geodetic networks, study of the geoid and earth crustal movements; measure of sea level and study of mean sea level;

• space geodesy: theory and application of GNSS;

Continuous GNSS permanent station, Tide Gauge and GNSS;

• experimental studies on the performance of the measuring instruments (digital levels, total station, motorized level and motorized total station, GNSS receivers, laser scanner);

• survey and 3D modeling of cultural heritage by digital photogrammetry (structure from motion) and laser scanning;

• monitoring the movements and deformations of buildings and territory ;

• geometrical and dimensional checks;

• aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing ( high-resolution satellite images) for DTM, DSM and mapping;

• digital mapping and GIS ,

• close range photogrammetry and multi spectral analysis from UAV.