Telecommunications represent a broad area of research with applications in personal and machine-to-machine communications, environmental monitoring, intelligent transportation systems, multimedia delivery, and context-awareness. Research topics encompass: signal processing techniques; body-, personal-, local-, and wide-area networks; cellular and satellite systems; wireless communication and localization networks; network architecture, protocols, and security; and remote sensing.


The Telecommunications Group at the University of Ferrara is located at the Engineering Department. Building on pillars such as inference, optimization, security, and efficiency, the research interests involve theory and experimentation of wireless and wired systems and networks including:

  • heterogeneous networks with guaranteed quality of service for multimedia communications and Internet of Things;
  • high-accuracy localization and navigation for RFID and immersive applications; and
  • signal and information processing techniques for LTE and 5G systems.

The results of the research are carried out in the framework of Italian and European projects, obtained in collaboration with national and international industrial and academic partners (including Lepida S.p.A. and the M.I.T.), and disseminated in premier international journals and conferences.


The group is composed of three structured personnel, two post-docs, and three Ph.D. students:


Andrea Conti (Ph.D., associate professor)

Gianluca Mazzini (Ph.D., associate professor)

Velio Tralli (Ph.D., associate professor)


Stefania Bartoletti (Ph.D., postdoc)

Sergio Cicalò (Ph.D., postdoc)


Giovanni Chisci (Ph.D. student)

Jinous Shafiei Dehkordi (Ph.D. student)

Andres Ortega Ortega (Ph.D. student)