Seminario del Prof. Canova dell' Ohio State University per gli studenti di Ingegneria Meccanica

Il 28 maggio si è tenuto il seminario dal titolo "Challenges and Opportunities in Lithium ion Batteries as the Future in Energy Storage", a cura del prof. Marcello Canova dell'Ohio State University nell'ambito del corso di Sistemi di conversione dell'energia da fonti rinnovabili del Prof Mirko Morini.


Abstract del seminario:

Lithium ion batteries (LIB) are today the key technical solution to design the Energy Storage System (ESS) for electrified transportation and stationary power applications. On the on the other hand, commercial Lithium ion batteries today feature energy density in the range of 250-300Wh/kg and costs in the order of $250/kWh at the cell level. Significant advancements in the development of new materials, as well as progress in system integration, control and management solutions are necessary to increase the energy density and lower costs, key requirements to accelerate the growth of electrified propulsion systems and overcome the current limits in power or range.
This seminar presents a broad overview of the key R&D challenges and opportunities in Lithium ion battery technology, with focus on automotive (BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs) and aerospace (hybrid-electric aircrafts) transportation. Additionally, the seminar will introduce new development in LIB materials that promise energy density above 350Wh/kg (Lithium metal, Lithium Sulfur and Lithium Silicon), as well as innovative application of LIB as secondary storage units for fast charging and extreme fast charging (XFC) stations.

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